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On Campus 

Students Defending Against Hezbollah.

Our brave students , over 240, have been drafted in to the war that broke out on October 7th, 2023. Since then they have been stationed on campus and we have been helping with their supplies and food needs as the war deepens. 

With Hashem leading us, may we see victory.


Volunteering With Seniors

The valiant men and women of the previous generation now turn to us and are in need our help. Our dedicated student volunteers, even with their rugged study needs and schedules, prioritize and carve out time to help our aging community.


Project Up-Start

Project Up-Start is an innovative movement started by Rabbi Nosson and the Karmiel college admin to help ambitious students learn to join the Start-Up Nation and build their own startup company from the ground up. Using these foundational tools, we are helping shape the future of Israel's technical landscape and innovation body.


Shabbat Shalom Program

Good Shabbos! Every week we are providing 500  meals to our student body to make sure they have a place to go to for Shabbos! Shabbos is the epicenter of Judaism and more than we have kept Shabbos, Shabbos has kept us. Join us in the greatest celebration of it all, and our spiritual center!

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